The PINK Journal.

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*DISCLAIMER* if you’re gonna be soft this isn’t the journal for you love, I’ll make one for you sometime in the future, maybe.

Ok, to my bitches who are ready to be brutally honest and check themselves if needed because it’s the first step to growth, PULL UP!!!! 

THE PINK JOURNAL is the 1st of a color coded journal series that asks you both the surface level and HELLA DEEP questions that push you towards being completely and utterly self aware. Because yes, we all hate a bitch who’s either delusional or just down right oblivious to the shit they be doing! 

Here’s the truth, this journal will do 1 of 2 things, and if you’re a lucky bitch it’ll do both. It’ll either help you realize the areas you need to improve in so that you can pivot, or it’s going to help you realize and admire the goodness in you, boosting your confidence and not allowing anyone to make you feel otherwise! 

So bitch, you trying to grow or….. 

What’s inside

  • The Pink Journal (6X9) 
  • Over 180 pages of questions, journal prompts, and reflection pages 
  • 2 Color coded pens. (While supplies last)
  • How to use the journal instructions (Inside journal) 
  • Stickers (While supplies last)
  • Self Aware Button (While supplies last)


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