Frequently asked questions

Questions About The Brand.

Why are you changing the name?

While the brand's story started authentically with a fuck him, we wanted to change the negative narrative that the brand sometimes held, to a more positive one. With us going from fuck him to FORGET HIM, we can position ourselves to be sold in stores and to reach a larger audience.

Who owns The F Him Company?

The F Him Co., is owned and fully operated by Kiara Bennett, better known as Kiara Lasha. She officially started the brand in May of 2023.

What Is The Brand's Main Mission?

Our brand's main mission is to bring more awareness to narcissistic abuse, and allow women to heal from it after enduring it.

Questions About Shipping and Processing.

Provide answers to common questions your audience might have. It can help reduce customer support inquiries and improve their overall experience.

What are the current shipping times?

We are shipping on time as of 4/7. Within 3-7 business days.

What are the standard shipping times?

While we aim to ship as fast as possible, our brand periodically goes viral, leading to us having a higher than normal order volume resulting in delayed shipping. We try to ship all orders within 10 business days.

Are refunds allowed?

We will gladly replace or refund any items that were damaged or defective. We will however not refund for journals or packages that were lost or stolen.

Couldn't find your answer?

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